Camp Catherine Rental Rates 2020-2021

Reservations at Camp Catherine can be submitted by using the form below. Be sure to include your address, phone number, Site requested and dates you wish to reserve. You can also email the above information to or simply call our reservation specialist at 717-298-0235, be sure leave your name and call back number. Please review the locations and prices in the list below. We look forward to your visit.

Site Rental RatesDailyM-F Sat/SunWeekendWeekly
1) Whole Camp (a-24)$195950210$415$1360
2) Whole Camp (ad-9)$150$750$175$375$1150
3) Whole Camp (an-13)$90$450$105$340$966
4 Main Camp (b) $75$370 $95$175$520 
5) Lodge (c)$55$270$75$140$380
a) 4 hours or less (h)$35$40
6) Pavilion$35$145$40$65$175
7) Group Camping$35$145$40$65$175
8) Adirondack (d)$15$70$20$35$105
9) Tent Platform (d)$10$45$15$28$68
10) Tent Camping (e)$10$45$15$28$68
11) One Person Tent$7$30$10$18$45
12) Evening Campfire$15    
13) Large BBQ Grill (f)$15
14) Archery/BB Range (g)$25
Reserved Facilities   
1) Large BBQ Grill (f)              $15 
2) Archery/BB Range (g)       $25
(a) Whole Camp Site includes Sites 3 – 10 and effectively closes the camp.  (ad-24 is a 24 hour period, ad-9 is a 9 hour rental from 8am-5pm(Day Programs), an-13 is a 13 hour rental from 6pm-7:30am(twilight programs and overnight))
(b) Main Camp Site includes Sites 3) and 4). 
(c) Lodge rental includes use of the Lower Stage with Fire Pit area. 
(d) Adirondack and Tent Platform charges are per unit. 
(e) Tent Camping is per tent utilizing the open field. 
(f) You must supply your own propane when using the Large BBQ Grill.
(g) You must have a Certified Instructor in attendance when using the Archery/BB Range. In addition, you must provide proof of Insurance that covers such activities. If you do not have an Archery instructor in your group, then you may consider Take Your Best Shot Archery which has a Certified Instructor available for training. Contact Debra McNeal at 717-926-1635 for more information and rates.
(h) 4-hour rentals available on Sunday only. No Saturdays.

The Derry Township Camping Association, Inc and Camp Catherine are not responsible for theft or damage to any group or individuals property or belongings.

Web Reservation Form

To expedite your request please include: 1) a good phone number to contact you 2) provide an address where you want your contract sent to 3) the date/time of your arrival 4) the date/time of your departure 5) the Site number you wish to reserve 6) and if you wish to reserve our Large Grill. If you would like to purchase Camp Catherine patches for your group please indicate the number desired. ($3.00 ea) in the comments below.

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